We,re Making Self Betterment a Reality

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About us

Our Great Story

With a small vision of bringing awareness to my community  for self-betterment , god had different plans. Now the vision is bigger than ever and with no intentions on giving up. We want to create opportunities  for  our city on every level we lack attention in. That ranges from but not limited to Mental Heath Awareness, Community Resource and Job Fair s,   better opportunity  options for convicted felons, collaborating with other organizations to support the cause of self-betterment and working with youth advocates to  put a stop to gun violence with our youth.

We  want to be apart of brightening up someone's future  just because they deserve it.   And by making sure we take responsibility for self and start creating our own truth  with hard work, together, it is doable! 


Seleda Simmons

Executive Director/Founder

KARELIN ANTONIO- Administrative Assistant    

RUBY ANDUJAR- Community Project Manager

ROB SWEENEY-   Licensed Mental  Health / Substance Abuse Counselor/Coordinator


SHAWN BRIDGES- Returning Citizens Program Director

Our Services

Let us be that missing piece to your success

We are targeting these people with the greatest needs in our community

*Reading Area Youth                           *Recently discharged mental health and disability patients

*Recently released inmates and convicted felons                      *Youth aging out of placement   


Wellness  in Recovery Action Planning- Individual Coaching and referral

convicted Felon Fairness

Returning Citizen Program-  Advocacy and training for recently released/soon released  citizens  to better prepare them for reentry  into society.

Community Education and Awareness

Bringing Mental Health Awareness 

Gun Violence Awareness and Prevention Planning

Political and Social  Awareness 

Employment Awareness

Adult/Youth Advocacy

That may consist but not limited to job readiness, budget counseling, Mental Health referrals  but NOT diagnoses, housing /bill referrals